Story about swingsnowman ... ACCIDENTALLY it proves that I am the LUCKY Girl

I have always told the others that I am the luckiest girl in the world, at least at this moment. I was born in HK, raised in a middle class family which they love me a looooooot. I have a BF who treats me really like the only girl in the world and some good friends. I am doing something I want and building my career. What else can I ask for.

Last Sunday, something happened which proved me I am really the LUCKY GIRL.

We went for kayaking. Kayak was pulled to the beach. There were some youngsters playing volleyball on the beach which were a bit far away from me. All of a sudden, when I was walking pass by the kayak, a guy literally bumped into me (Maybe he failed to catch the volleyball?). I immediately hit on the kayak.

Just within that second, I fainted for a very short while. I remember I was trying so hard to breathe. Feeling huge pain on my chest and cheek, hearing somebody calling me and asking me deep breathe, I finally returned sober. Surrounded by group of people, I felt totally embarrassed... because I looked like hell.

After that, I could still climb and had a little fun on the beach.... until I vomited and felt dizzy. We went back immediately. I was sent to hospital to do the X-ray and CT (which I don't know what it is). I was confirmed okay.

But still, I am retarded - painful during breathing due to rib bruise. I now walk like a granny lol. Everybody takes care of me, but they do joke at me meanwhile. The worst thing is that I cannot really take photos for a while, so no more streetsnap for two weeks here... Things will return to normal later.

So... I am so successful to injure myself during my first kayaking trip this summer. LUCKY GIRL LOL.


On the way ... Antique Market in Hangzhou

Every time I do sightseeing, one of the must do items is to visit the Antique Market! Why? Because you can discover a lot of treasure. I had my old film camera,  vintage bags from these Antique Markets.

Of course, I know that these antique markets in China has high probability to sell fake items. To me, it doesn't really matter, cox I enjoy looking at these old colorful items. Do you visit Antique Market?


Random Capture ... BIG FACE of ANIMALS

Well... I think Mr. Zebra doesn't really enjoy brushing teeth... He needs a dentist !


Inspiration ... Betrayal - Little story from the others

Finishing lunch with dad and mum today, subsequently we met a my kindergarten schoolmate's daddy, hereafter we call him C. After the greeting, he told us his wife left him this year. His wife passed away? Neh... It's that lady leaving him for another ugly dumb guy.

Yet, the story is way much more than a betrayal.......which made us entirely shocked......
That lady planned and took away all the busks they owned together since two or three years ago. Plus, that intruder is the lady's cousin... Well, now I realize that life can be that complicated.

The most terrible part is that regardless how many years they sleep together, C still have no clue what the lady is thinking about. Honestly, I cannot imagine that a partner can be so cunning to plan a trap for her ex-soul-mate.

Humm....... I know I am not the saint to judge their relationship. But for sure there must be some reasons for her to be malicious, which C didn't told us.

Here I realize and gain several lesson learnt:
1. Life can be that absurd and complicated... MAKE IT SIMPLE
2. People, even the one you love the most, might betray you one day ... WE NEED TO KNOW HOW TO LIVE INDEPENDENTLY